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Help us change lives! 



You too can fight trafficking - without leaving your country! 

You can partner with us in this incredible work.  

Your sponsorship literally enables her to walk free from slavery immediately  

When girls come to Daughters, they have no skills, no education and no concept of any type of job outside sex work.  And due to psychological trauma, it takes several months before they have any workplace skills.    


Sponsorships enable us to pay each girl from the day she joins, and to provide lots of additional services to help her recover:  

  • freedom from sex exploitation

  • job & skills

  • life-skills training

  • counselling & medical treatment 

  • emergency housing and food

  • daycare services - breaking the cycle for the next generation

*A portion (10%) is also used to pay the staff who care for her. 

Become a sponsor, and not only will you be rewarded with the knowledge that you are setting someone free from modern-day slavery, but in addition you'll also receive a profile of the girl, plus updates every 9 months, so you can feel connected to her progress and know that you are an important part of her new life.  


Simply email us and tell us you'd like to sponsor a girl:



1. Donorbox:    



Just hit this button ⇧ you can pay by credit /debit card to our Donorbox payment portal using your bank card.  

2.  Wire transfer to one  of our charity bank accounts: 

  • Daughters UK Bank Account  (charity no. 1122631) 

  • Daughters of Australia Bank Account (PBI reg no. 65616198291).  More details here:

  • Cambodia NGO Bank Account.  

Please let us know if you'd like a tax receipt 😇💰💶 💷 💴 

3.  Bank transfer, other countries:   

In Europe, Singapore, the USA, New Zealand, and other countries we have local bank accounts through Wise payment platform, where you can pay in your own currency.  Please email our finance team for the account details in your country:  

Daughters of Cambodia ABA Bank_edited.jpg


We need international distributors & buyers for our products! 

Take a look at our beautiful products on our webshop:



Join us and use your skills to make a difference!   


We need volunteers for the following positions:


  • Funding Proposal and Report Writer - can work remotely.  Expertise and experience in proposal & report writing.  

  • website  -  making updates and improvements to our website and webshop 

  • Intercessors – To join our team of intercessors based at Daughters, to be engaged in daily offensive intercession to push back the forces of darkness and loose the Kingdom of God in power. 

  • Prayer Ministry team –  people experienced in inner-healing prayer  ministry.  (Part time, 1 year commitment)

  • Graphic designer -  for our literature and marketing materials, remote work 

  • Masseuses and nail technicians - to train the girls in our Spa (on-site)

​For information on volunteer opportunities, and time commitment required, contact




We need people who will pray and intercede for our work.  There is a direct correlation between our fruitfulness in ministry and having people around the globe praying for us - your prayers really do make a difference! 

Here are some ways you can pray for us:

  • Our People - Leaders, Staff and Clients 

  • Provision and Funding - We need finances to do what we do  

  • Protection over our staff, clients, and ministry from intense spiritual attacks we face continually

  • Expansion of Daughters to other Countries-  We have an effective model, which we want to replicate in lots of countries across Asia and beyond.  

  • Success of our Businesses - We need customers and for our businesses to thrive, in order to offer employment to new girls.   ​


Thank you. Your partnership changes lives.

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