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Daughters was founded in 2007 by British psychologist, Ruth Elliott, to provide effective solutions to modern day trafficking, avoiding the institutional model. 

Our dedicated team of Cambodian staff work tirelessly to bring about freedom and transformation for the clients we have empowered to leave sex work.  Most of our team are Cambodians, assisted by a handful of skilled foreign trainers, who are passionate about our cause.  

We love to empower!  And we celebrate the fact that many of our staff were once beneficiaries our programs, who turned their lives around, learned amazing skills and developed character & leadership ability.  The best outcome! 


We operate ethical social enterprises where we provide employment, along with recovery programs run by our social services team.   Other staff teams cover these areas:  finance, administration, Government compliance, HR, spiritual growth, and PR/communications .  

We are followers of Jesus Christ, aiming to share his love and his care for humanity 

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We couldn't do what we do without the amazing help of partners and supporters around the globe. These include (past and present):  

Medical and Scientific Aid for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
Life Outreach International 
Empowered Women Create

Forest Town Church
Samaritan's Purse
The Ratanak Foundation
New Day Foundation
Love 146
Gymea Baptist Church
Park Cities Presbyterian Church
Covenant Church

And a large number of monthly sponsors, churches, and private donors from around the world who believe in what we are doing

Thank you so much!

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