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Our clients have high levels of psychological trauma, and dysfunctional domestic lives -  we provide social work team helps our clients to increase psychological health, and improve domestic and social functioning.  We provide counselling to reduce trauma and psychological distress and support clients in problem solving.  Social work services include equipping clients with tools to prevent domestic violence, emergency re-housing, referrals for legal services and measures to protect children in situations of abuse.  We target reducing risk factors such risk of re-trafficking, dysfunctional behaviours, addictions, and other threats to our clients and their children.


Our medical program supports our clients on the road to physical recovery, in order to bring about changes in health outcomes.   We operate an on-site medical clinic, treating basic conditions and providing health prevention education.   We partner with external medical service providers for specialist treatment.  



Creativity is an important part of recovery, and we conduct Art Therapy sessions along with a range of creative programs, to enable expression, healing of the emotions and to explore their own creativity.  


We provide free day-care for our clients' pre-school children.   The children of our clients are often left at home alone or unsupervised in the community. The risk factors are very high for sexual and physical abuse, and/or neglect which often causes a repeat of the cycle their mothers have experienced.  Our daycare gives a safe, structured environment with stimulating and creative activities. In addition, we provide parenting classes to all mothers on a weekly basis.  

These are important services to safeguard children, and to break the cycle of abuse and trafficking. 



Life-skills Workshops are fundamental in the process of equipping clients with skills to make healthy choices for their own welfare, and that of their children.  Our workshops build clients' inner capacity to teach decision-making and raise the standard of domestic, and  psychological functioning, along with reducing the risk factors for re-trafficking, abusive relationships and negative life-choices. 



We operate a church for clients who are interested in becoming Christians.  Attendance is voluntary, no clients are coerced into attendance.  We run weekly discipleship groups for those who wish to go deeper into relationship with Jesus, and our staff pray together several times a week for our clients.  We also offer our clients prayer sessions for healing of emotions once a week. Those who wish to become Christians are also  encouraged to join local Cambodian churches in their community.  

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